Living Foods Quality Food Dehydrators

The Living Foods Dehydrator is unique in its versatility, functional design and efficiency. Make anything from fruit leather to jerky, or dry herbs, pasta or even flowers using our three great models.

Dry it! You'll Like It!Get the Book: Dry It -- You'll Like It!
This informative, easy to read and cleverly written book is an easy guide to drying everything from apples to zucchini. It is great for beginners as well as experts. It not only tells the how to's of drying, but how to use and store dehydrated foods.

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Living Foods Master Food DehydratorOur Most Popular Model
Fashioned from birch, the Master is the most efficient dehydrator on the market today. It's available complete or as a kit:

Master Complete$589.00
Master Kit$429.00

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For the Space or Budget Concious
The Mini is a great alternative - it fits on a countertop!

Mini Complete$374.00
Mini Kit$237.00

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