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Warm Air Generator    $99.00 Mini; $171.00 Master
The WAG is a thermostatically controlled heater designed for long term constant use. It can operate twenty-four hours a day safely and efficiently. The WAG is a functional and economical heating source for dehydrator systems using the convection principle of heat rising. It can operate 24 hours a day safely and efficiently.

Master Size WAG: 19.5" x 23" x 2.25"
Mini Size WAG: 12.25" x 15" x 2.25"

thermometerThermometers    $6.00
These small, lightweight, plastic thermometers are ideal for monitoring drying temperatures. Regardless of the type of dehydrator you own, a thermometer will help you achieve perfect results every time. Our thermometers are calibrated in five degree increments from -40° to 120° Fahrenheit. For most purposes, we recommend placing one thermometer on the middle tray.

Guar Gum    4oz. package: $6.00
Guar Gum is a natural thickener derived from the Guar plant. For years it has been used extensively by the food industry and has been recently recognized by health professionals as being a valuable source for dietary fiber. Guar Gum makes a wonderful thickener for fruit leathers.

Heavy Duty Tray    $24 Mini; $28 Master
This sturdy tray has wooden cross supports and is covered with 1/4" wire mesh. It provides support for heavier items. The heavy duty tray allows you to take advantage of the low, even temperatures for raising bread, incubating yogurt or drying clothes -- even heavy boots! It is strong enough for planting trays of seedlings and containers for sprouts. A food-safe liner, which is included, converts it into an extra food tray.

Teflon Sheeting
The easiest way to make fruit leather, bread sticks, crackers and jerky!

At first we only had hard-to-manage plastic wrap for making fruit leathers. Then we discovered a teflon material which "ended the battle with plastic wrap".

Teflon sheeting comes 12" wide and is 4 mil thick.

We suggest using these sizes:

  • 20" X 12" for each Master tray
  • 10" X 12" for each Mini tray
  • 5 FT-4 MIL TEFLON $19.00
  • 10 FT-4 MIL TEFLON $35.00

Important note: Since the Living Foods Dehydrator uses the "heat rising principle" for the drying process, place your Teflon Sheeting on alternate halves of each dehydrator tray. This allows warm air to circulate freely.